Lake Vico is a beautiful place that has attracted people for centuries. It is one of the oldest lakes, castles and historic centers in Italy and also played an important role in Roman spirituality. In fact, Lake Vico was considered sacred by many ancient cultures due to its deep blue waters and abundant fish population. The city of Vico has many attractions, in addition to its beautiful lake, so that visiting Lake Vico is definitely an adventure!

Lake Vico is a beautiful place that has attracted people for centuries. The cities of Caprarola and Ronciglione, which overlook the lake, offer many attractions, and nearby numerous naturalistic and archaeological areas and towns rich in history and traditions, all just a few km away. Visiting Lake Vico is a splendid adventure not to be missed! Lake Vico was considered sacred by many ancient cultures and populated since prehistoric times, then by the Etruscans and finally by the Romans.

There are still small temples immersed in the bush to visit such as the temple of the goddess Demeter (coordinates 42.288177 N and 12.072488 E), a small sanctuary semi-excavated in the rock. A relatively recent discovery as the first reports of clandestine excavations date back to 2006,2007. Demeter is a female divinity identifiable with the Greek Demeter and also venerated by the Etruscans with the name of Vei and by the Romans with the name of Ceres from which the name of temple of Demeter. You can easily reach it by following the directions on google map. A website that provides information on archaeological sites off the beaten path is "tombe etrusche", only in Italian.


Furthermore, Tuscia still preserves many medieval testimonies, ancient perched villages, castles, Romanesque churches, the first fortress palace in Europe in the splendid Caprarola. In these magical places, the medieval layout has not undergone major alterations, such as the medieval district of San Pellegrino, in Viterbo. A jewel of medieval architecture in which the living stone of peperino reigns, where the high towers erected by the feudal lords and the powerful families of the time stand out, such as the Arcangeli family, the Battista del Drago family, the Brugiotti family, the Caetani family, Chigi family, Almadiani family, Tignosi family, Marsciano family, Vico family, Farnese family, Gatti family, Liberati family, Lomellino D'Aragona family, etc. etc.

The itinerary that a visitor must follow starts right from Viterbo and extends to the most important villages, listed below:

1st Itinerary
Soriano nel Cimino

2nd Itinerary

3rd Itinerary
Civita Castellana

4th Itinerary
Barbarano Romano

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